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Ultimate Blade?

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I've never seen this very old design of blade suggested for survival, but it can be used for:
  1. a short ax (or hatchet, except for hammer functions). It's more effective than a very light hatchet, but less so than a 2lb. belt ax.
  2. blazing signals in the bark of trees.
  3. long, hard cuts, as splitting wood, when driving outer end with a club
  4. hewing boards
  5. a long (but very light) ax (with improvised handle for hard to reach cuts).
  6. a draw knife
  7. a stationary blade, with edge up, improvised handles buried and sticks under each end to prevent pushing into ground.
  8. chest armor and deflecting some bullets aimed at your heart
  9. a high precision signal mirror
  10. an inspection mirror
  11. allowing observation from hiding
  12. whittling wooden tools
  13. mincing small items by rocking the blade.
  14. butchering and table use.
  15. most knife functions (except stabbing)
All with a weight of around one pound.  It has many of the advantages of the parang (used by Bear Grylls) plus a number more, in a more compact form.

2nd Edition
BS101 2013