The Best Knot to Fasten 2 Same Sized Lines:
Or to Make a Loop

I've been learning knots since I was a boy scout. I even studied all the knots in 'The Bluejacket's Manual" when I was in the USN. But I was never satisfied with any of the bends I learned. They were either insecure, took too long to tie, or weakened the line too much, or a combination of these things.

This knot seems to solve all those problems, but I've only known about it since after 2000. So, in case there are a lot of people in the same situation, I'm putting this file up.

Why do I believe this is the best bend? I'll count the reasons:
  1. Very simple to tie: This is actually two overhand knots making a double connection between the two lines, one overhand knot in each line around the other line and on the far side of the other knot.
  2. Minimum or no weakening: Most other knots significantly weaken the lines they're in, but in this bend each knot is around the straight portion of the other line, so the strain is split between both knots of the connection.
  3. Secure: Under tension, the two knots bind against each other and tend to tighten both without slippage.
  4. Easier to untie: If enough end is left beyond the knots, these ends can be pulled to separate the two overhands which are relatively easy to untie separately.
3rd Edition
Knot image
NE101 2012