Document Copying

    Here's a step by step for copying a document from the site to your computer.
  1. Bring up the document you wish to copy
  2. Right-click on a non-picture area
  3. On the (context) menu that comes up, click "Save as"
  4. When the Save as window opens, if the "save in" bar is not already set to the correct folder, type it in
  5. Then, if the "file name" bar doesn't have the desired file name, type that in
  6. Finally, make sure "Save as type" bar has "Web Page Complete" in it, and click "Save"
  7. You should now have a file of the document with the extension of ".htm" and in the same folder you may have a subfolder of the same name if there are images, etc.
  8. Your browser should open the .htm file if you double-click it, or you can choose the browser by right-clicking and choosing from the "open with" menu